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POSqx - is a Cloud based system for Restaurants that combines the power and flexibility of the Internet with the latest in Point-Of-Sale technology.   Hardware minimum configuration

POSqx is available in two packages:

  1. A Free full Service download of prepackaged software and services for the Small and Mid sized Restaurateur with a minimal monthly subscription, accommodating from a single location with a single POS machine, to multiple locations with many POS machines.
  2. Contract Managed Design, Engineering and Development of Custom Point-Of-Sale/Service Cloud Systems for larger Enterprise Branded Deployment or Third Party Application Providers.

POSqx is not a boxed software application.

It never requires teams of programmers on your site or days of integration and development at your expense.  But at the same time, it is the most powerful Point Of Sale available on the market today while also being the simplest and most cost effective solution for the Food Service business operator and supplier. 

POSqx avoids unnecessary capital expenditure on software and computer infrastructure that the business owner/operator does not need or want, and instead provides a service of automated Point-Of-Sale/Service and business management.  Also, the worrisome and costly maintenance of data, applications and infrastructure is removed from day to day operations and the systems and application scale On Demand to the needs of the business, eliminating the need to overbuild for future needs, or worse, get left with to little system for the business and having to throw out an investment and start over.  

So What Is POSqx Software?:

POSqx software uses the new paradigm of Cloud computing to provide a hybrid of virtualized resources infrastructure to abstract the complexity of the platforms, networks and computer components needed to deliver a simpler business application, via terminal graphic presentation on a robust client that automatically interacts with the cloud, and an organized web login management of these resources that represents the specific model of the individual identity of the business and resources used in a single, coherent interface.

                                                          Figure 1: Cloud abstract

This Could Computing Solution replaces the Monolithic boxed solution of the past where a business purchased software and built an in house system that they then maintained.  This type of boxed solution requires expensive upfront investment, and quickly becomes outdated while maintenance costs continue and rise. 


                        Figure 2: Admin Screen Shot                                                     Figure 3: POS Screen Shot

The POSqx Cloud incorporates a combination of Service technologies that work together for a single integrated Service Solution.  These are: 

· Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

· Platform as a Service (PaaS)

· Software as a Service (SaaS)

· WebServices (WSDL)

· Managed Services (Host)

· Virtualization (VM)

· Standardized Utility Object Layer Environment (OLE) for Point Of Sale

· Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) 

What does all this mean?

It means that the business owner/operator doesn’t purchase hardware, software and services that they don’t need or use.  Instead they pay only for the resources and services that they use and the POS terminals and accessories they need to serve their customers.  Costs of the latest in automation technology for the business are significantly reduced through a shared resource model, and management overhead is reduced.  By returning the Point Of Sale/Service to a utility, business is more focused on the business at hand, and the technology is something that is just there. 

Accessing the Cloud can be done from any Internet connection, anywhere.  Backups, Storage, Reports, Updates, Transactions, and Security are all handled in the Cloud.  The systems expand and improve with the technology and with the business, in a seamless evolution of automation and enablement.   

But most of all, it means that it’s easier to get, simpler to use, and better than before.  And since it will always be better than before, it is better today, and it will be even better tomorrow, so the time to get it is NOW. 

How do I get POSqx?

You can either contact POSqx at 408-687-4728, email us at, or contact one of our Value Added Resellers to find out more.

Or you can signup right now and get started with the best decision you can make for the future and success of your business.

Free Download Request for POSqx Restaurant Software

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