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Training Resources

Open Day / Close Day: View Video

Quick Service Order: View Video

Table Service Order: View Video

Bar / Tab Order: View Video

Phone Order: View Video

Credit Card Tender: View Video

ift Card Lad / Tender: View Video



Manage From Anywhere: View Video

Add Category: View Video

Add Items: View Video

Add Modifiers: View Video

Add Matrix: View Video

Manage Discounts: View Video

Creating Inventory: View Video

Adjust Receipts: View Video


Client Resources

POSqx V. download added tax to orders for here, option for pre auth, security to gift cards.

POSqx V. download w/Pathwaylink

POSQX Sotware installation guide: download PDF

POSQX Software installation video: View NOTE: Install on Windows XP , and POS Ready OS only.

Window Installer 3.1: download

POS .Net Framework 1.1: download

.Net Framework 2.0: download

.Net Framework 2.0 sp2: download

POS .Net Framework 1.12: download

2005 SQL express: download

Epson OPOS ADK : download

Epson Ethernet: download

POSQX Quick reference guide: download PDF

TPI Smart Payments: download

Printer Service: Printer SP

Printer Service: Printer Main

Bixolon OPOS: download

Bixolon Ethernet: download


AOpen MSR: download

Win RAR: download

Desktop Logo: download


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