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We are currently accepting Resellers. 

POSQX is the first ever Pay-As-You-Use POS software to be available.  Traditionally a merchant would purchase a software package and then find out they needed additional components to get the full version of software, and by the time it is all said and done they have made a significant investment that only has one year of support.

With POSQX, there are no add-ons or additional components to purchase, it's all there and made very affordable for a low monthly fee that give them support for as long as they use our software.  

For resellers we have gone a step above.  For those that have their own merchant services, POSQX has made it so you can plug your own merchant services into the system with NO additional charges and NO additional software or gateway fees.  Take advantage of a software that you don't have to support to sell, take advantage of not having to pay the software provider for using your own merchant accounts, call us today for detailed information and a demonstration of our software package.

For those that don't have their own merchant services, POSQX has a very lucrative residual model that out performs any other competitor in the market today.   Residual revenues are the way of the future and make for better business growth.  Become part of the POSQX reseller family today by contacting us to get a full breakdown of the earning potentials.

POSQX offers quality services and solutions for Small and Medium sized restaurants. Our services are geared towards Casual and Quick Service dining establishments.  Today's point of sale (POS) goes beyond traditional Cash Register solutions.  Using integrated point of sale systems allow business owners to collect much deeper business information more quickly and accurately.

POSQX was developed on the enterprise technology platform, allowing for easy installation and maintenance for single, multi and chain store integration.   POSQX is completely integrated for electronic card processing capabilities.


Reseller Training:

POSqx software as a service: view demo

POSqx forms completion demo: view demo

Reseller Forms:

POSqx setup form: download

POSqx license agreement: download

POSqx quick reference guide: download

POSqx user manual: download

POSqx software demos:

Open and close day: view demo

Quick service: view demo

Table Order: view demo

Tab Order: view demo

Phone Order: view demo

Tender credit card: view demo

Load and Tender gift card: view demo

Manage from anywhere: view demo

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