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Less than a cup-of-coffee a day

That's right! No up front software purchase and no hidden costs. Complete support and maintenance with all the back end systems and updates for one monthly fee. We take care of the technology and answer your questions and we provide the updates and system maintenance, so you can run your business. And if you don't like it, you can turn it off and you don't pay. Try getting your money back from the Boxed software company when they hit you with hidden fees and support.








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Number of Terminals Monthly Cost per Terminal
1 FREE with our merchant services
1 $99 with your own merchant services integration
3 or more $39 with our merchant services
3 or more $69 per terminal with your own merchant services integration
Multi location $99 per location, up to 3 licenses per location with our merchant services
Multi location $150 per location, up to 3 licenses per location with your own merchant services integration

What is support and maintenance Pricing? Support and maintenance pricing, bundles all the added and hidden fees that software companies charge, into a single low cost monthly Service fee that includes everything. This allows POSQX to provide unparalleled support and software maintenance services for a fee, and saves you money over buying software and then paying for support and maintenance, and then having to do it again and again.

Following services are included in the monthly fee:

arrow1  Central management point for a chain of restaurants

arrow1  software does NOT stop working when net goes down

arrow1  Credit Card processing gateway included

arrow1  Gift Card Module included

arrow1  No servers to buy and maintain

arrow1  Free updates and upgrades

arrow1  Unlimited customer support

arrow1  Unlimited training

arrow1  Automatic backups on our secure servers

arrow1  PCI Compliant

Our technology allows us to deliver a better solution at a lower cost, keep it fresh, and you know what that cost will be. Nothing hidden and it's on us to continue to provide you the best service and pricing. That's our PROMISE!!!

POSQX makes it simple and affordable! You pay for the Service, and we keep it current, up to date, supported and maintained.

One location with one Point Of Sale, or multiple locations with multiple POS, we scale to your needs, when you need it, and you pay for what you use and nothing for what you don't.

What is included in the pricing? -EVERYTHING WE CAN OFFER! We don't hold back on any services needed to support or manage our software. Only through your continued success can we be successful with you, so we will do whatever it takes to supply you with the best we can give.

What happens after trial is over? : You continue to use the software. That is for yours to keep. After the free trial, we will be unable to provide merchant services and phone support. You still get to use the best software in the industry for no charge.

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