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SumGuys, Inc. (POSqx)

7770 Eigleberry St, Suite A

Gilroy, CA 95020

Toll Free 408-687-4728


Sum Guys Inc. is a leading innovations company in the Point-Of-Sale (POS) and payment processing solutions industry for retail and hospitality. Founded by leading professionals in the POS industry and located in the Southbay of the Silicon Valley, California, Sum Guys is positioned to provide technology advanced solutions and services to businesses that serve their customers face to face and need the best technology for customer service at the most reasonable costs. 

Sum Guys Technology represents top tier hardware manufacturers and application innovations, along with advanced professional development and services.

Unlike many promises of fast return with no effort, we know that there is no easy money in this business. That doesn't mean you need to become a computer guru though. That's why you need the tools to work hard, do the best job, and manage, control and preserve your business.

Maximum Freedom, Control of your business, Simplicity in operation, Reduced Cost, and Focus on your Core business, these are the things we strive to provide to you as a Solutions company. “Just make it easier.” is what our customers have asked for. These are what POSqx does for your business, to remove pain and suffering from implementing automated technology.

POSqx is the simplest and most cost effective automated Point of Sale/Service system ever devised. It will be able to get your business up and running quickly, with information technology and fast automation of your most important business functions, serving your customers fast and accurately, and capturing payment. POSqx was designed from the ground up to use the latest in technology to minimize the complexity, allowing for less time learning the system and more time running your business while not just maintaining reliability and functionality, but far surpassing the standalone box solutions.

POSqx is not a browser based PC website that pretends to be a Point Of Sale solution. Your POS is real and your system is installed at your site, but without all the other expensive and complex computer components that you don't need or want for your business.

POSqx installs and becomes operational faster than any other restaurant application available. Our experts are available to provide the latest in updates and features for the most advanced technology and business automation available on the market.

Our maintenance and support provides you with remote access to your data and information from anywhere in realtime from a cloud of reliable Internet infrastructure. Backup, managed services and monitoring of critical database systems and storage is handled. Technical support, software updates, and feature updates keep you current and relevant. We do this, so you don't have to.

POSqx is part of a team of highly trained professionals in every field of the technologies of advanced automated business. We enjoy preferred status with the largest and most respected vendors in the computer industry, along with direct relationships with the leading processors of credit and debit cards and their providers of electronic payment capture as a unique autonomous relationship in the payments industry. No other POS software company in the industry provides this freedom.

Having choice in Providers and not being tied to unreasonable rates or vague contracts that can cripple your ability to decide the best practices for you and your business. ·Up to date applications and freedom from complex IT management. ·Remote access from anywhere at anytime to your most critical data. ·Control of your business functions and processes all the time.

David LaCroix, CEO

Anil Jindal, COO

Manoj Tiwari, CTO

Andrea LaCroix, CFO

Sales Support, ext: 701

Tech Support, ext:703




SumGuys Inc.


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