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POSqx - Restaurant Management Software
POSqx - POS Restaurant Software
Point of sale software for restaurants like coffee shop, Bar, Drive through, Burger shop etc.
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Restaurant management software from Website

Administered from Anywhere. Control the Point Of Sale >> More Info





Restaurant software at POS

Advantages of POSqx: >> Features

  • Central management point from anywhere for a single or chain of restaurants

  • Software does NOT stop working when internet goes down

  • Credit Card processing and gift card system included at no additional charge

  • No computer servers or databases to buy and maintain

  • Unlimited customer support and no additional maintenance fees

  • Unlimited training and assistance to run your system and free upgrades

  • Automatic backups and 24x7 monitoring on our secure servers

  • Full PCI Data Security Standards Compliant for card and customer information

  • IT system assistance, disaster recovery, and maintenance are included

  • Customer information and Security are safe and reliable


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Restaurant software

POSqx Is a Point-Of-Sale Service system for the Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurateur and Food Service operator. The software to run your POS is included as a Service Restaurant Software with no up front cost and lowest initial capital expenditure in the industry. All that is needed to go live with POSqx is a Touch screen POS and an Internet connection.

The POSqx Restaurant POS Client:

POSqx is NOT a web browser based POS site. A web browser based POS software site stops working when your Internet connection goes down and doesn't have POS Software installed on your POS terminal. Instead, POSqx is real POS software, and it's POS restaurant software is installed on your real restaurant POS machine.

POSqx uses a POS restaurant Client and Internet access Cloud Computing infrastructure. A minimum but reliable and robust POS software application is downloaded and installed on your Point of Sale hardware and it remains running even if the Internet connection is temporarily down or access to the cloud is lost. In the case of a temporary outage or disconnect, your data is safe and local, and the servers, databases and storage will resume automatically and seamlessly synchronize with your POS once the connection is restored. Even the theft or total destruction of your POS machine will have little effect because your data is secure and the POS system can be replaced and restored in as little as a day with our quick POS replacement program.

Higher utilization rates, lowers wasted capacity and cost per user to operate, so we can offer a free restaurant software download and keep total cost of ownership very low while offering the best in Service because Service is all you pay for. Because we sell Restaurant POS Service, instead of a box of software, your POSqx Restaurant POS experience starts with POS Service and stays with POS Service.

Instead of paying for the POS restaurant software , POSqx customers only pay for the Service of the system, and lower per user operating costs means lower cost to you.  You own your POS, and because the POSqx Restaurant POS Software is Free, that’s yours too.  Request a Restaurant AnyPlace Management Account with POSqx Restaurant POS Software today.  It’s a Account you can access from any browser anywhere, and it’s Free Restaurant Software for your POS!


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